Mountaindeck Construction Inc. Staff

At Mountaindeck Construction Inc., our well-trained staff takes pride in their work. Our number one goal is to deliver top-notch products and services to our customers. Schedule an estimate for your project today.

Simon, Owner operator: With a history of construction, he started Mountaindeck Construction Inc. in 2002 by installing waterproof vinyl decking for the first couple of years. He then started working with Trex composite decking materials and building decks from the ground up.

Jake, Head carpenter: Jake has worked as head carpenter since 2011. He is certified in fine and 1st and 2nd year cabinetry. He comes to Mountaindeck with over 10 years’ experience in home renovation and restoration. In 2009-2010, he helped build tree houses in Laos for a gibbon conservation project. He specializes in building high end custom cedar and Trex decks for our company.

Dusty, Head vinyl decking installer: Dusty has worked for Mountaindeck since 2004. He is a fully trained as vinyl decking installer plus basic framing needs. Prior to working for us, he worked as painter and high-rise construction.

Todd, Project manager: Todd has worked with Mountaindeck Construction Inc. since 2006. He is a project manager for building or renovating larger projects. He has built custom homes, restaurants, pubs, duplexes and renovations.

Adrian, Labourer/assistant carpenter: Adrian has started working for Mountaindeck Construction Inc. in 2017. He comes from a background of 5 years as a rough end carpenter.

Lucas, Assistant vinyl installer: Lucas has worked at Mountaindeck since 2011 as assistant vinyl installer to Dusty. He also has basic carpentry skills.

Jimmy, Aluminum fabricator: Jimmy has worked with Mountaindeck since 2005 as aluminum fabricator. He owns an aluminum fabrication shop that specializes in custom build railings and awnings. All fabricated aluminum is taken to paint shop to be powder coated then installed.

Danny, Assistant carpenter: Danny has worked at Mountaindeck since 2014. Prior to that, he worked in concrete for 2 years.

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